Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 49 - Travel Day - Grand Codroy, NFLD

We toured the Newfoundland Insectarium, a very nice facility with extensive exhibits of assorted insects as well as an area of live butterflies to walk through.     Afterwards we traveled to Grand Codroy, NFLD and had a stir fry in the evening.


 Joe does a little maintenance for the travel day.


A short walk across the highway for Biology 101 class.

Lots of bugs, butterflies and spiders in this place.


Breakfast time for the butterflies. 

 A bright model of a couple of butterflies.


        Camouflaged butterflies.


A very good story about the life of a bee, then three songs to enjoy before we looked at all the exhibits. 


The bee hive was a main attraction, searching for the Queen Bee was the challenge.

A little difficulty on the road.  The Toons in Unit 12 experienced a rear tire tread separation on their truck.  Luck was very much with them...the tire maintained pressure, a wide pull off just ahead, room for four rigs to stop to help, an entrance ramp just ahead leading to a Canadian Tire store just down the hill, it was still open…


…and they had a replacement tire.  Just another proven point on why travel in Adventure Caravans is the safest and most secure way of RVing. 


Greta got some Crawdads in the basket.


Another veggie stir fry cooked by Eric and Betty….mmmmm, good.

Submitted by Linda & (Flat Tire) Monte Toon

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