Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 53 - Truro, NS

We begin our day with a breakfast prepared by our hosts, Spence, Madi, Roger and Lorna.  Their specialty is omelets cooked in a plastic bag! New to most of us, they are delicious. First, eggs are scrambled in a plastic baggy.

Then, we get to add ingredients of our choosing from onions, peppers, even left over sausage from David and Greta’s previous nights’ Brat Grillins.

Last but not least, Spence dunks the bags in boiling water for 10 to 12 minutes. 

 Topped with salsa they are a treat. 

We then have some free time to explore. Some go to the town of Truro, a small town of quaint restaurants and shops.

A highlight is the elm tree sculptures carved years ago after the elm trees succumbed to disease. Originally, about 40 of these sculptures adorned the town but unfortunately, many have disappeared, victims of further rot or vandalism. 

They were carved by various artists each one depicting something from Nova Scotia folklore or history. 

Our big event for the day is Tidal Bore Rafting on the Shubertacadie River.

The incoming tide in this area will rise 30 feet in 3 ½ hours, some of the highest tides in the world! After suiting up in foul weather gear, we board inflatable rafts for our trip on the rapids. We boat up the river at low tide and wait on a sandbar for instructions. What a surprise when the tide begins to rise – covering our sandbar in a matter of minutes.

We man our boats as the surge of water begins. Waves build and the current increases. We make four runs on this set of rapids through waves that reach 2 to 3 feet until the incoming tide completely covers the sandbars and subsides. We zoom up the river to the next set of sandbars and do it over and over again. In all, we do four more sets of rapids until the tide is now near its peak. It has been an experience for all and only three of our troop ended up overboard! Drenched and muddy, we retreat to our campers. There will be no trouble sleeping tonight!

Submitted by:

 Bob & Deb Kint