Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 52 - Travel Day - Truro, NS

We left our Baddeck waterfront campground with the great view this am and headed  for Truro.

Some of us  stopped at the Alexander Graham  Bell Museum  and toured the Museum and grounds.

We saw Jim and Linda Montgomery and Debi and Bob Kint there.  Jim was particularly interested in the antique telephones and   felt he could have done a better job of engineering them.

Debi and I enjoyed the film of Bell's daughter and her memories of her dad and family life  in the summers in Nova Scotia. 

As we left, we saw the Martins coach in the parking lot and encountered Roger and Lorna Scott as they pulled in.  We all got to the campground in Truro to find plenty of  power but  weak on the WiFi front.

The ladies all got busy working on their contribution to the feast David and Gretta Storrs were preparing.

The smoke from the grills was so enticing it made up for the whine of all the mosquitos.

We had brats of all kinds, dogs, sauerkraut, salads, condiments, baked beans, and desserts.

Roger and Spence were generous and shared their pies, and nobody left hungry as usual. 

We all really enjoyed our get-together and toddled off to our rigs  sated and sleepy.

Submitted by:

Janet & Joe Fishman